Bull Run or Bull Trap? Look for These Clues!

Ming Jong Tey
2 min readNov 8, 2023

Watch the video extracted from the WLGC session before the market open on 07 Nov 2023 below to find out the following:

  • The signal that confirmed the current rally
  • The likely pathway for the S&P 500 after this rally
  • The immediate target for the potential final push-up
  • The telltale signs of a bull run (or sneaky trap)
  • And a lot more…

The bullish vs. bearish setup is 166 to 140 from the screenshot of my stock screener below pointing to a slightly positive market environment.

Wyckoff method stock screener

4 “low hanging fruits” (AMD, CASY, etc…) trade entries setup + 11 others (CRWD, etc…) plus 17 “wait and hold” candidates have been discussed during the live session before the market open (BMO).




Ming Jong Tey

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